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Strategic Plan

UBL Strategic Plan in development comprises of three stages:

  1. Consolidation,
  2. Turn around, and
  3. Autonomy

and they become the frame to develop further detailed implementation/action plan. Basically this strategic plan is proposed to improve current situation for better future through gradual and systematic efforts.

Stage Strategy Time Frame
Consolidation (Short Term) - Reduce constrains
- Empower resources
- Detect roots of problems
- Solve roots of problems
2002 - 2004
Turn Around (Mid Term) - Build required facilities and organization for higher performances
- Lift up the quality of inputs, process, and output
- Utilize and manage all available resources optimally
- Enhance collaborations with stakeholders to improve sustainability
- Strengthen relationships among staffs and students
2004 - 2005
Autonomy (Long Term) - Generate self-revenues to supplement the proposed investment
- Renovate obsolete facilities and equipment consistently
- Enhance the operation and maintain all existing resources
- Enervate environmental threats to anticipate opportunities
- Narrow the gap of stakeholders needs and UBL achievements
- Sustain all activities as the base of institutional sustainability
2005 -

The first stage (consolidation through REDS strategy) is proposed to make all resources powerful by reducing any constrains and solving roots of problems for implementing the mission. It is predicted to be ready in two years. The second (turn around through BLUES strategy) is basically proposed to make better performance toward predetermined standard performance by using the upgraded resources to overcome resource weaknesses and external threats.  It is predicted to be completed in two years.  The third (autonomy through GREENS strategy) is fundamentally proposed to continue improving the performance and making UBL sustainability as a whole entity with ability, capability, and capacity to conduct qualified educational process to meet a minimum requirement of benchmarked university and produce competitive outputs. Additionally, by this stage UBL will have become a prominent university in national level, particularly in Sumatera.

Strategic Plan

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