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Khairudin, SE., M.Si.,Akt.

NIDN : 0206097505
Fakultas : Ekonomi
Program Studi : Akuntansi
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Judul Penelitian Dipublikasi pada Tahun
The Influence of Transparency and Accountability Local Government Financial Report on The Level of Corruption Local Government of Sumatera Area Prosiding The Third International Conference On Law, Business and Governance (ICon-LBG), Universitas Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia. ISSN 2339-1650. 20-21 Mei 2016
Effect of Disclosure Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Profitability in Textile and Garment Industry Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2011-2013
Jurnal Akuntansi & Keuangan, Universitas Bandar Lampung, vol.6, no.2, ISSN 2087-2054 September 2015
Khairudin, SE., M.Si.,Akt.

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